My Hallicrafters SX-140

my attempts at boat anchor resurrection

The Hallicrafters SX-140 is a 5-tube single conversion superheterodyne AM/SSB/CW ham band-only receiver. It covers 80 through 6 meters. This receiver was manufactured from 1960 - 1965.

See this add from 1962


I acquired  this Hallicrafters SX-140 from a EBay auction. It was shipped in two box's the radio in one and 10 days later the case was sent.

The front had paint splatter and the S meter looks like it may have took a lighting hit

The chassis  looked untouched and no mods or fried components

 S meter was missing its mounting hardware it was loose and missing its top and is non functioning. All the knobs where original however the main tuning knob is badly chipped

A close up of the S meter

 Case has been badly painted to try and hide rust and other marks

The silver paint was only done on the top and sides even the feet has silver over spray

Photo of the 6.3vac  section for the heater coming from the power transformer. The primary side was dead will have to replace if I can find one

Start Date 03/15/2009

items needed to be checkout
electrolytic capacitors
Check alignment
check all potentiometers and switches

Items needed to be replaced
All 5 tubes 

Power transformer
S Meter
Main tuning knob
re-finish the cabinet


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