The Execution of Frank Majors 1909





   This is a photo of a ticket that was found while remodeling a 100 year old home. It is ticket of the execution of Frank Majors issued by the Sheriff of Montgomery county, Texas.


 A home in Willis, Texas  that has been in our family since the 1960s, was in need of  repairs. My father and mother where living in the old home at the time. So a project was started in late 2005 to bring the old house back to a safe living condition. With new windows and floors and wall and ceiling repairs. Right at the start of the renovation I was replacing a window and removing the old inside trim and I found the above ticket. It had been placed between the window trim and wall of the window. The edge of the ticket was at the inside edge of the trim, you can see where paint has seeped through.

The photo was taken to the Montgomery Courthouse in Conroe, Texas where more info was found including the transcript of the short trial of Frank Majors. It seems that Mr. Frank Majors of Willis, had walked into a local bar in the summer of 1909 and found his wife in another mans arms. Mr. Majors then left the bar and came back in to the bar carrying a pipe. He then beat to wife to death .  Frank Majors did in fact hang for his crime on 09-10-1909 on the Montgomery courthouse lawn in Conroe, Texas

 Tickets of  Executions where handed out by the Sheriff in those days to the more influenceial people of the county. I have no idea why this ticket was placed where it was for almost a 100 years. I wonder if, it might have been place there to ward off evil spirits, a popular belief of the times - who knows?